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4-Substituted-2-Methoxyphenol: Suitable Building Block to Prepare New Bioactive Natural-like Hydroxylated Biphenyls

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Maria Antonietta Dettori, Davide Fabbri, Marina Pisano, Carla Rozzo, Giuseppe Palmieri, Alessandro Dessi, Roberto Dallocchio and Giovanna Delogu   Pages 131 - 139 ( 9 )


A small collection of eugenol- and curcumin-analog hydroxylated biphenyls was prepared by straightforward methods starting from natural 4-substituted-2-methoxyphenols and their antitumoral activity was evaluated in vitro. Two curcumin-biphenyl derivatives showed interesting growth inhibitory activities on different malignant melanoma cell lines with IC50 ranging from 13 to 1 µ M. Preliminary molecular modeling studies were carried out to evaluate conformations and dihedral angles suitable for antiproliferative activity in hydroxylated biphenyls bearing a side aliphatic chain.


Curcumin, dihedral angle, hydroxylated biphenyls, malignant melanoma, synthesis.


CNR-Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, UOS Sassari, Traversa La Crucca 3, 07100 Sassari-Baldinca Italy.

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